Orient Exchange Company (HK) Limited formerly Lotus Forex Limited provides forex and remittance services to its clients globally. Individuals and corporates alike reach out to us for most of their financial requirements. We operate as a boutique organization servicing our customers’ needs.

We are recognized as Western Union Money Transfer’s number one agent in the Asia Pacific region.

It is our pride and privilege to export currencies to multinational banks of repute.

We have forayed into uncharted waters and established strategic relationships with major ship management companies and ship owners. We are seen as a reliable access point for their currency needs anywhere, anytime and on time.

We have established many business outlets in Hong Kong. We have a commitment to surpass our customers’ expectations.

We cover India like nobody does; we reach out to every nook and corner of the nation to deliver remittances safely and on time. We route our transactions via reputed banks and every transaction passes through Reserve Bank of India’s scanners.

Global remittances are rendered via a wide network of banks and agents with whom Lotus shares an excellent, symbiotic business relationship.

Our Vision

“To be a globally respected business unit that provides best of the breed business solutions, leveraging technology, delivered by best-in-class personnel.”

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Our Mission

“We aspire to be the leading service provider for forex, remittances, payroll management, SMEs and other global financial businesses.”

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