Remittances are redefined at Lotus. We make money reach anywhere, anytime and on time. And we follow the dictum. Our service charges are very low.
“No Identification and No Signature = No Transaction”
We comply with relevant government regulations and we have been recognized by the regulatory and enforcing bodies for our policies and procedures in conducting transactions.

Salient Features
  • Attractive exchange rates.
  • Standard charges.
Procedure for Sending Remittances
Our remittance products are unique and customized to suit the needs of customers wishing to send money home, quickly and safely. We ensure that your money reaches your loved ones well in time for any urgent needs.
  • Remittances can be sent either through drafts or swift/ instant transfer.
  • No limit on the amount that can be remitted.
  • Cashier’s Order/ Personal Cheque has to be tendered and the remittance shall be sent on the next working day after the funds have been cleared.
  • Original of all documents required:
    – Residential Address proof with date not more than 3 months
    – HK Identity Card and Passport
    – Source of funds to be provided for transaction exceeding HKD 120,000 i.e. Salary Slip or Bank Statement.
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